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Current Legislations

Current legislation such as The GRA Reform, Hate Crime and Public Law Order and The Domestic Abuse Bill are policies with overreaching reactions due to statutory aggravation associated with them. Although the Bills above were created to improve how justice systems responds to crime, many think miscarriage of justice will be realised.

Question Legislations

If elected as equality convener, I will indeed question the Bills above seeking a review to ensure all citizens are not prejudiced in any way and bring a balance. Although Equality Act is supposed to protect characterised groups equally, the above legislations are not robust in their representation.

“Equality groups protect those affected by age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion, beliefs, sex and sexual orientation”

Inequality Gaps

The majority of our society assume that all people in our society are properly protected and full support is already in place. Sometimes this is not always the case. For example, some gay and asylum seekers men and women could put up with domestic abuse for a long time if their immigration cases are directly linked with their spouse and partners in the home office as dependants. Immigration cases can last for years and sometimes decades, leaving those who came as dependants putting up with abuse for a long time.


Men Equally go through domestic violence incidences that go unnoticed and unreported. Whereas women could go to women’s aid to seek refuge, there are no places where men could go to seek help in confidence. In the wake of GRA Reform, self ID legislations will place men among the vulnerable while seeking solace. As the equality Convener, I would vigorously put a case to ensure men suffering from domestic abuse are equally protected in their own space where they could share their experiences in confidence and dignity.

Challenge Inequalities

My inclusion as equality convener will shine some limelight on issues that have not been addressed before, bringing in a differentiated perspective that will examine domestic protection bills, and hate crime bills one more time among other policies. In reference to the domestic bills, I will challenge the validity of the bill, to question to what extent it protects households.

Equality for All

Whereas as a woman I appreciate the bill is important to protect women who go through domestic violence almost daily, it will be of interest to bring a balance that will ensure children are not affected by the separation of both parents.

Children Access Rights

In addition, sometimes men are denied access to see their children after separation, even though an access plan might be in place especially in cases where women might have an upper hand. As the equality convener, I would ensure policies that are in place works best for everyone’s protection without prejudice.

Balanced Society

If elected, I will introduce and apply favourable measures that are holistic and robust that will seal society equality gaps and cultivate a win-win situation for everyone across the board.

By Mercy Kamanja

Mercy Kamanja, I am a passionate activist for Scottish Independence, and a voice for underrepresented, hard to reach diverse communities. I belief in equality, fairness, social justice, social solidarity, working as a collective, unity of purpose and amicable conflict resolutions.