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Make the case for Scotland

This article is a response to an article written by Ruth Watson on 5th July 2021. I cannot agree more with Ruth Watson. I feel she hammered the point home.

Agree to Disagree

The idea of slagging off each other does not make a case for independence or a case for Scotland or a case for any party for that matter. Clearly, the SNP seems to have diverted from its original independence pledge. Diversification is likely to cause angst among citizens. However, that does not call for, or justify vitriol across parties we are experiencing daily. It is understandably logical that some have a personal vendetta with the First Minister, Former First Minister of Prime Minister.

Whereas some citizens overwhelmingly might disapprove of their decisions, their approaches or them as individuals, they have a vast majority of followers who applaud them and are very pleased with her leadership. Presumably, every individual has every reason to feel the way they do. However, they are still our leaders, the FM is currently holding the key to deliver independence to Scotland, the Former First Minister will anchor Schotland if she fails to deliver, the Prime Minister have the final word of the next move of action. No amount of disparage will change that for now, therefore the best approach would be to find ways to co-exist.

Unilateral Decisions

We all agreed unilaterally to give the FM our number 1 vote. The largest population in the country, in unison, agreed to place her in power on the premise she will deliver independence straight away. I believe she owes it to the electors to deliver her side of the bargain. The public therefore must let her deliver it without malign. Although she appears to have diversified from the independence agenda, and the independence agenda seems to be on the blink, and independence prospects seem very remote just a dream, it is not a justification to malign. We must remember we have alternatives, Alba party is the future answer.

Diversified Approach

I agree with Ruth that some have made a choice not to work with her anymore which is a very fair statement and wonderful train of thought. However, it is beyond any comprehension why some folks feel the need to denigrate, belittle and undermine our leader’s authority. Angst is not just aimed at Nicola, but Alex Salmond and Boris Johnson do face the same brunt of animosity, all three are subjects of daily abuse. Reading what folks are writing, is jolting wondering what are folks gaining out of it and are you winning.

Take Ownership

The public both in Scotland and England voted for Brexit. Some folks in Scotland voted against the indy referendum. Citizens in Scotland agreed to vote to give the SNP their number 1 vote. The public in both countries though not the majority voted for the first minister. I believe they voted that way because they believed they were doing the right thing. But the lingering question is why some people won’t take ownership of their actions and accept it is because of decisions made they made, they are placed in the current predicament. Take ownership, as reflective practitioners, learn from past mistakes, diversify the approach, stop the abuse and derogatories, focus on solutions.

Redemption Time

What we need just now is to focus on how do we get out of this predicament unscathed. For those in the redemption team, how about we start looking at how we could re-examine the situation, looking at ways we could leverage our position and bring independence agenda back to course. If Nicola does not deliver indy by 2026, how shall Alba Party salvage the situation? As patriotic independence supporters, how shall we attain our goals is our number one priority to make a case for Scotland. Alba Party is second on the line to deliver indy if SNP fails. If FM fails to deliver, what is plan B, what are the action plans and pathways towards independence do we need to start making.

Indy on Pause

How about we start building up members at Alba Party. Then start planning our projections of operations. For example, what are our take-over projections and strategies for 2026, projections we should start considering? We could start by laying down firm foundations at Alba Party just now, increasing party members from the bottom up. Our reality just now is to accept it is one thing to have indy delayed but it is another to have indy derailed or completely removed from negotiation tables altogether.

Indy Agenda Thrown Out of the Bus

At the moment FM has pressed the pause button, her reasons being she is working on replenishing the economy, to bring restoration to Scotland, considering the country is currently operating in deficit. It is time to move away from SNP negative rhetorics, and focus on policy matters and the Alba Party. How can we start generating debates and getting folks to start thinking of the future plan? How do we start to rebuild the new case for independence in Scotland? According to SNP, Coronavirus restrictions are holding the Indy agenda. One year or two years delays will not restore the economy to any stable state considering, for example, covid 19 restrictions, and the wave on football and sports is likely to upsurge the pandemic. When will the country overcome the pandemic and what miraculous restoration recovery plans have SNP put into place to stabilize the economy instantaneously?

Sizeable Market Share Growth

While waiting for FM to deliver Indy as she promised, how about we set plan B to motion, and start rethinking alternatives. Winning a large a sizable share of the vote and having a large number of Alba Party politicians in parliament by 2024 general elections and 2026 Scottish Parliament respectively, is a key focus. How about we start aligning our action plans right now, and start identifying engagement and intervention strategies we plan to apply, and start the implementation process.

Take Positions

A solid team at Alba Party will come in hardy, a team that will be ready to take charge and deliver indy to Scotland before the 2030 projection. Positioning ourselves, re-evaluating our goals, planning how those goals will be achieved are pathways we might want to consider instead of choosing to take part in unyielding measures such as pulling the indy movement apart, hauling, and disparaging political leaders, undermining and denigrating each other, etc. Could we diversify our approaches and make a positive case for independence, which is what we need right now.

Building a Great Team

Join the Alba Team, be part of a strong and stable foundation for Scotland, ready to move with stead, and ready to fasten and anchor Scotland when the time comes. Start making the case for independence and gracefully devise plans that will deliver independence and secure Scotlands Future. Time to ditch disparaging words, time to think positively, on how to redeem Scotland.

By Mercy Kamanja

Mercy Kamanja, I am a passionate activist for Scottish Independence, and a voice for underrepresented, hard to reach diverse communities. I belief in equality, fairness, social justice, social solidarity, working as a collective, unity of purpose and amicable conflict resolutions.