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Joanna Cherry QC to defend Marion Millar

Today Joanna Cherry announced that she will be coming to the legal defence of Marion Millar.

Marion Millar was charged under what appears to be the section 127 of the communications act for tweets she had posted on her account. One tweet is believed to be that of a suffragette ribbon. Marion’s trial is due to be held in Glasgow on the 20th of July.

Joanna Cherry is a strong advocate for women rights and has been very vocal on the issue of women being cancelled for holding gender-critical views.

Joanna has herself been a victim of this trend when she was dropped from the front benches of Westminster.

And even now the MP for Edinburgh South West is still being bullied and intimidated both online and in the parliament with no support from the SNP.

This has also been going on for sometime.

Fair play to Joanna Cherry for having the strength to fight on in the face of such ferocity and holding firm to her principles. The Marion Millar case will certainly be one worth following.

By Stephen Fuller

Stephen Fuller is a former elected member of the Highland Council with the SNP. Alba Party Founder member and supporter of Scottish Independance.

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