Alba Equality

Equality Vote

I submit myself before you seeking Equality Convener votes. My pledge, promise & priorities are to deliver an equality package that ascertains your preference, interest & voices are graciously respected, accurately presented & methodically delivered by someone who speaks inequality language both literary and figuratively.

First Hand Experiences

I have first-hand inequality experience. I very well know what it means to be different, separated by the intersectionality of race, single parenthood, health impairments, embedding in a new homeland, and almost ticking all boxes equality groups covers except (LGBT experience without prejudice) just explaining. However, having said that, I was born in a country that views homosexuality as illegal, I have seen people among the LGBT community beaten up, burnt alive with tyres, publicly humiliated or even jailed among other things just because they loved.

Equality Stands

In addition, LGBT communities among New Scots live in hiding, not accepted by people of their country of origin, religious bodies, and sometimes undergoing severe racial discrimination in their process of embedded and integrating into the New homeland. Not long, I was invited to meetings where they shared their experiences including domestic abuse, with no place to seek help due to fear of rejection and ridicule, yet I have never seen them included politically in the last decade I have been in politics among equality groups. They are invisible to many yet they exist.

Diverse Party

I am that candidate connected to almost everyone in our society and my Facebook accounts, and groups that I created and manage reflects how diverse my followers and friends are. I am very pleased that women voices are fully presented at Alba Party and are included in the interim agenda.

Diverse Party

However, the Alba party is diverse and inclusive hence, diversity of representation should be realised across decision-making processes to ascertain all members are accurately represented. I am that candidate who brings inclusivity across the board. A vote for me will bring fairness and parity across Alba Party political spectrum. A vote for me enhances balance and equal voices. This is our opportunity to create an environment that includes and welcomes everyone at the Alba family.

Thanking You

Thank you for standing by me and for doing what is right by Alba Party and by Scotland. More details on my ambitions and plans I have for my country, my people and my role is below. Thank you for taking the time to read it🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

By Mercy Kamanja

Mercy Kamanja, I am a passionate activist for Scottish Independence, and a voice for underrepresented, hard to reach diverse communities. I belief in equality, fairness, social justice, social solidarity, working as a collective, unity of purpose and amicable conflict resolutions.