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Cllr Caroline McAllister – Through a Scottish Prism

#WomenWontWheesht – Alba Party’s own Cllr Caroline McAllister is a guest on this weeks Through a Scottish Prism with @Scotpol1314 discussing the latest developments in the battle to protect women’s rights, the threats presented to those by the Scottish Government and the active petition Calling on the Scottish Parliament to require Police Scotland, the Crown Office and the Scottish Court Service to accurately record the sex of people charged or convicted of rape or attempted rape. The petition can be signed here.

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Domestic Violence, Varied Experiences…

How are domestic violence experiences among immigrant women different from women they find in their new homeland? Generally, regardless of their originality, social status, race, or ethnicity, domestic violence is likely to occur when there is an imbalance in a relationship. Domestic abuse might not be a one-off incidence, and it might happen again and again, probably getting worse over time, and for many women, it can continue even after the relationship has ended.

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Through a Scottish Prism 6th June 2021.

The weekly Sunday show airs live at 12 noon each Sunday. This week Roddy and Iain discuss the not insignificant concerns regarding censorship and in particular the intimidation and silencing of women. Also in the show an excellent interview with Kenny MacAskill MP of the Alba Party.