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Move forward with independence or watch Boris Johnson scrap devolution.

As reported in the Herald yesterday as part of the string of revelations being shared by former aide Dominic Cummings he has stated that Boris Johnson would reverse devolution given the opportunity and that Johnson believes that devolution/Scottish parliament was a disaster.

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Are Olympic Games Impartial?

Transwomen and women are entitled to a fair game in sports and all other areas. Now an open-ended policy that will allow anyone to self-identify as a woman is proposed.  How will the government protect genuine transwomen and women who require protection when self-ID is open to anyone who feels they want to be a woman, regardless of whether they are gender reaffirmed. The legislation is created specifically to safeguard and protect particular individuals not to expose the most vulnerable people in society to danger. 

Alba In the News Scottish Independence

Alba Party Weekly Update 2nd July 2021

This weeks Alba party update comes from Kenny MacAskill MP calling upon the yes movement to come together to prepare, take action and make moves towards an independent Scotland.

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Cllr Caroline McAllister – Through a Scottish Prism

#WomenWontWheesht – Alba Party’s own Cllr Caroline McAllister is a guest on this weeks Through a Scottish Prism with @Scotpol1314 discussing the latest developments in the battle to protect women’s rights, the threats presented to those by the Scottish Government and the active petition Calling on the Scottish Parliament to require Police Scotland, the Crown Office and the Scottish Court Service to accurately record the sex of people charged or convicted of rape or attempted rape. The petition can be signed here.

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Joanna Cherry QC to defend Marion Millar

Today Joanna Cherry announced that she will be coming to the legal defence of Marion Millar.

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Jess De Wahls – #WomenWontWeesht

Jess De Wahls has joined a long line of women who have fallen victim to cancel culture due to gender-critical views. Jess is an artist who supplied works to the Royal Academy of Arts but the institution cut her off after receiving eight complaints on the grounds of transphobia. The gender debate is starting to filter through more and more into the mainstream media, Jess De Wahls was interviewed today by BBC Radio 4 as well as other news outlets.

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Blame it on the American right-wing Christians

When I was an elected member of the Highland Council it was around the time the Scottish Government was going to introduce GIRFEC (Getting it Right for Every Child) across Scotland. Many people may more commonly remember the policy being referred to as the “Named Person” scheme. At the time I was broadly supportive of the policy especially as it has been successfully implemented in the Highlands since 2010. More widely however the policy was met with opposition, including in the Highlands. When the SNP government attempted to roll this out across Scotland it gave rise to the NO2NP (No to Named Person) campaign. When opposition to the policy grew many high level elected members were heard claiming that “opposition comes from American right-wing Christian groups” and the same thing is happening again today in regards to GRA reform and the Hate Crime bill.

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Through a Scottish Prism 6th June 2021.

The weekly Sunday show airs live at 12 noon each Sunday. This week Roddy and Iain discuss the not insignificant concerns regarding censorship and in particular the intimidation and silencing of women. Also in the show an excellent interview with Kenny MacAskill MP of the Alba Party.