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Current Legislations

Current legislation such as The GRA Reform, Hate Crime and Public Law Order and The Domestic Abuse Bill are policies with overreaching reactions due to statutory aggravation associated with them. Although the Bills above were created to improve how justice systems responds to crime, many think miscarriage of justice will be realised.

Alba Equality

A Vote for Me. Why?

Thank you very much to those who have cast their vote in support of me already. If you haven’t voted please do so, voting is open until 12 noon Friday 10th September and you can cast your vote here – . Please give me Mercy Kamanja, your first preference if you believe in me, I’ll greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Alba Equality

Equality Vote

I submit myself before you seeking Equality Convener votes. My pledge, promise & priorities are to deliver an equality package that ascertains your preference, interest & voices are graciously respected, accurately presented & methodically delivered by someone who speaks inequality language both literary and figuratively.

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I am putting my name forward for National Equality Convener Nominitions. If you believe I am a good candidate, kindly submit your nominations on my behalf to The Alba Party at the following email address

[email protected].

Membership Number

Please note majority have not yet received their membership number On this note, kindly include your personal address in the nominition letter or email you will be sending to the Alba party, where membership number is not yet known. Please note you must be Alba Party member to carry out your nominitions

Inequality Barriers

Coming from equality group background, I understand various inequalities stands literary and figuratively. Once elected, I plan to ensure equal preferences, citizens interests and equal voices are applied across the board in all spectrum of our society.

My special goes to those who have already submitted your nominitions in my support and copied me, to those who are considering and are going to submit your nominitions.

Thank you very much for your nominations and for believing in me. Once again many thanks❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️

Alba Diversity Equality

Active Political Engagement with

Active participation in democracy and decision-making is indeed important to all citizens. In an increasingly diverse society, a focus on political inclusion, and being actively engaged in a political democracy is a crucial step towards the integration processes of diverse groups. Although high levels of political and civic participation increase the likelihood of ordinary citizens’ voices being heard, New Homelands to Scotland remain inactive in Scottish politics. Whereas the notion that the more diverse communities participate in a democracy the more democratic it becomes may sound true, participation among diverse groups continues to permeate.

Alba Scottish Independence

Make the case for Scotland

This article is a response to an article written by Ruth Watson on 5th July 2021. I cannot agree more with Ruth Watson. I feel she hammered the point home.

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Imbalance in Political Representation

Women’s political participation is at an all-time low. Currently, women represent only 29% in Scotland. Local councils and parliament can only be as efficient, relevant, and vibrant when everyone is effectively represented. Capable members of Parliament and councillors elected should be drawn from all backgrounds and experiences to reflect their communities.

“There are roughly 20,000 Councillors in Britain and approximately 13,000 of them are men with equal to none New Scots diverse women. This needs to change, and it is not going to until women have positions and can make the change in May 2022 during local Government and other future elections taking place across Scotland”

Mercy Kamanja Scottish Parliament Candidate 2021
Diversity Equality

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Diversity Equality In the News Politics

Are Olympic Games Impartial?

Transwomen and women are entitled to a fair game in sports and all other areas. Now an open-ended policy that will allow anyone to self-identify as a woman is proposed.  How will the government protect genuine transwomen and women who require protection when self-ID is open to anyone who feels they want to be a woman, regardless of whether they are gender reaffirmed. The legislation is created specifically to safeguard and protect particular individuals not to expose the most vulnerable people in society to danger. 


Alba Party Cllr Caroline McAllister Asserting Women’s Right

This article follows on from yesterday’s post on the Soaralba Indy blog by Stephen Fuller. Women’s rights have always been violated since the beginning of creation, with Eve accused of offering Adam a fruit that caused him to sin, and subsequently, they were both thrown out of the garden of Aden (for those who believe the bible). Women have always been subjected to fighting for their rights, rights that have always been overshadowed by others.