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Alba Party Weekly update – End of July

Registration for the inaugural Party Conference to be held in Greenock Town Hall on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th September is now open. Members can register to attend via

On Sunday 25th July the interim Conferences committee – established to facilitate our inaugural Conference – agreed the timetable for key events in relation to Conference. Nominations for election as a National Office Bearer, Ordinary Member of the National Executive Committee, and the Submission of Resolutions to Conference are now open.

Each individual member has the opportunity to submit resolutions and amendments to the party constitution to be debated at the conference.

National Office Bearer Positions will be elected on a one member one vote basis – open to all party members.

The following positions are open for nomination:

•Depute Leader
•Women’s Convener
•Equalities Convener
•Local Government Convener
•Member Support Convener
•Organisation Convener

Full details can be found here –

Also this week Alex Salmond interviews Alba Party’s 6,000th member 89-year-old Moira Brown, a long time Scottish Independence activist and former SNP member of 64 years.

By Stephen Fuller

Stephen Fuller is a former elected member of the Highland Council with the SNP. Alba Party Founder member and supporter of Scottish Independance.

One reply on “Alba Party Weekly update – End of July”

Hello from a supporter since the outset. You have given us great hope in the despair of the state of our Holyrood Government. As I said at the beginning it isn’t possible for me to be a member. I learned many years ago that my arguments for Independence had more traction when I could say that I wasn’t a member of a political party. Today tragically, this approach now has to be applied with my SNP friends too! A sad state of affairs indeed tragic for our country.

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