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Alba Party Weekly Update 2nd July 2021

This weeks Alba party update comes from Kenny MacAskill MP calling upon the yes movement to come together to prepare, take action and make moves towards an independent Scotland.

Also this week, June the 30th was the deadline for anyone to sign up and join the Alba party as a founder member. Membership packs are now being prepared to be sent out to all members.

ALBA Local Authority Campaign Units (LACUs) are now starting to get themselves up and running across Scotland. Members should keep an eye out for emails from their own LACU for further updates.

And finally Chris McEleny the Alba Partys’ Interim General Secretary tells RT that ALBA exists to campaign to secure Scotland’s independence and that for the Scottish Government it was time to “Stop Complaining and Start Campaigning”. The full interview is below.

By Stephen Fuller

Stephen Fuller is a former elected member of the Highland Council with the SNP. Alba Party Founder member and supporter of Scottish Independance.