Alba Scottish Independence

Alba Party Weekly Update 16th July 2021

This week’s update is brought to us by Alba party Interim Membership Co-ordinator Corri Wilson. All party members will have by now received a link to an online survey collecting details of the range of skill sets that members have which can be potentially put to use for promoting both the party and the cause for Scottish Independence. There is still time to fill this in, the survey closes on Sunday 18th.

The party is now 4 months old and it is important to remember what an achievement it is to have gone from 0 to over 5,000 members in such a short period of time. Membership packs are being processed as we speak by party volunteers, membership cards will be making their way to everyone very soon.

The Alba Party conference will be held in September, the link to register for this will be sent to members by email and the website by the end of this month.

There are still plenty of people out there who are not aware of the party and it is up to us as members to raise our profile. There are many of us with experience from previous political party memberships of campaigning and we do not need to wait for anyone at the top to be giving us permission, we can be out there now promoting Alba and keeping the cause of Scottish Independence at the forefront of debate.

By Stephen Fuller

Stephen Fuller is a former elected member of the Highland Council with the SNP. Alba Party Founder member and supporter of Scottish Independance.