Alba Equality

A Vote for Me. Why?

Thank you very much to those who have cast their vote in support of me already. If you haven’t voted please do so, voting is open until 12 noon Friday 10th September and you can cast your vote here – . Please give me Mercy Kamanja, your first preference if you believe in me, I’ll greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

I believe in Equality

I believe and stand for equality and social justice across the board. I also believe I am the right candidate to spearhead equality concerns at the National level for the Alba Party, having experienced different strands of inequalities in Africa and abroad. I know how it feels to know you are different and are treated differently because of faults that are not your own. We are who we are, some of us are born this way, others are affected by circumstances such as health impairments that changed their life after birth. But regardless of where we are at, no one should be made to feel inferior.

Make a Case for Scotland

My goal remains to campaign vigorously for independence, while I aspire to treat everyone equally, to give all citizens equal voices. I strongly believe, by finding ways to co-exists as one people of one homeland, we shall gain Independence soon enough and together, build a country of many people of diverse cultural backgrounds. Our unity of purpose should remain our strength always.

Building Relationships

I have demonstrated I am capable of building relationships with people of my new homelands, having successfully created a popular and busy Facebook account. In addition, over the years, I have created several social media groups, bringing people together from all walks of life, placing them in their most specific groups among their tribes, where they feel most comfortable and appropriately represented. Our coming together have strengthened our community cohesion, brought in people from all walks of life together, to learn and share information as part of the integration process.

Differentiation Strategies

If you place me in the role, I will work towards enhancing our synergy and create integration pathways that will not only allow hard to reach communities to participate in democracy actively but increase party membership too and support for Scottish independence.

Inclusive Haven

As your equality convener, I will seek to build an inclusive haven, at the party level, where all citizens will feel at home far away from home. and together.

Thank you

By Mercy Kamanja

Mercy Kamanja, I am a passionate activist for Scottish Independence, and a voice for underrepresented, hard to reach diverse communities. I belief in equality, fairness, social justice, social solidarity, working as a collective, unity of purpose and amicable conflict resolutions.